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Making relationships work takes work. In your marriage, among your family members, with your co-workers and neighbors, every relationship requires skills that we are not all born with, that we don't all have the chance to learn.

Dr. Forrest has devoted half of his Michigan-based practice to learning and understanding why relationships fail or create so many problems for us. For 10 years he has researched healthy and unhealthy patterns.

In his research, he has uncovered some specific variables that consistently appear in successful relationships. By testing these variables with a large sample of people who have satisfying marriages and friendships, who are productive at work and in the community, Dr.
Forrest was able to develop a predictive model of healthy relationships. He uses this model today to help people build and establish successful relationships.

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About Dr Lennox Forrest
Dr. Forrest is a licensed psychologist whose practice focuses on relationship management, marriage counseling, family counseling, anger and stress management, and sports psychology. He is a Jewish psychologist, providing faith-based counsel for his patients who seek it.

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